Site Selection and Acquisition

Did you know that locations with access to high traffic areas not only increases the bottom line, but reduces expenses through economies of scale? There could also be tax advantages and financial incentives in one location over another. It is our job to understand the site or work with engineering experts to discover the right location and perform the necessary site evaluation and recommendation as to whether the area is suitable for development of the desired objective. Zoning, unit density, soil types, utility availability and wetlands are among the factors we consider in evaluating a prospective site.

Feasibility Studies and Financial Return Analysis

GDC’s staff prides itself in its ability to properly project development costs and analyze returns. GDC maintains a large database of previous projects developed that is utilized and adjusted to create and verify the cost estimates of each particular project. Furthermore, Ginosko Development Company also coordinates and scrutinizes cost estimates during the design process, to ensure the development is projected appropriately and remains within budget during the life of the project.

Prior to closing, it is critical that we perform a feasibility & recommendation report for each development. This report includes key financial projections, SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), and Recommendations. This report has also proven to be critical in securing various loans.

Site Plan Approval

Is the local government happy with our idea? GDC’s staff is very experienced in successfully obtaining site plan approval. We compile and complete the proper plans and applications to the appropriate local government department. Furthermore, GDC’s staff communicates with government officials and brings our long standing history of quality experience to advocate our idea at approval-process meetings.

Market Study

Sufficient demand for the prospective location is another important factor in any project. Ginosko Development Company has assisted non-profit organizations, municipalities, government agencies, and financial institutions with the development and strategic solutions on housing alternatives across the country. Not all market studies are created equal. Our years of experience make a crucial difference when applied to selecting the right consultant, coordination, and evaluation of a market study.  We form reliable conclusions from careful analysis of data provided to our team of experts.

Project Design and Value Added Engineering

Is the project designed in the most efficient manner? Ginosko Development Company collaborates with the architect and engineers to ensure that the latest in housing design techniques and technology are employed on each development.

Construction Management

One of the largest expenses in a development is the construction costs. As Construction Manager, GDC along with the Architect and General Contractor work as a team regarding the selection of materials, building systems and equipment. GDC provides recommendations on construction feasibility; actions designed to minimize adverse effects of labor or material shortages; time requirements for procurement, installation and construction completion; and factors related to construction cost estimates of alternative materials and preliminary trade payment breakdowns.

Zoning and Environmental Issues

Once a perfect location is found, our team navigates the numerous municipality and environmental issues facing each project. There are many factors that could significantly impact the feasibility of a project, from zoning ordinances to other environmental issues such as hydro geological, geotechnical, Brownfield development, pavement and roofing design, construction materials testing, and special materials evaluation. Our expertise in choosing the right environmental consultants as well as evaluating the information provided can be the deciding factor in project implementation.

Government Incentives

Since the early 1970’s, Congress has recognized a need for economic incentives to invest in various types of housing, particularly affordable housing. Being an experienced owner of projects that utilize these congressional benefits, GDC has the ability to tap into many of these incentives. Our staff assesses each project and evaluates whether and how it can qualify for these funds.  Should we determine that it qualifies; GDC compiles, completes, and submits the necessary documentation.

Property and Asset Management

We know what to look for in a quality management/marketing company. When monthly operating reports come across our desk, we know how to dissect the data and recognize potential problems. GDC staff knows the answers. GDC knows what to expect and what to demand from a property management company. We solicit and review management proposals, select the best company and negotiate the management contract.

Ginosko Development Company also performs Asset Management functions by “Managing to the Management Company” during the life of the project.

Not-For-Profit Consultation

Certified 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations have been given special preferences by Congress.  These preferences enable nonprofits to more easily compete for funds, allows more favorable treatment of certain non-recourse financing, along with allowances. Ginosko’s long standing history with non-profits in housing has furnished trustworthy counsel and cultivated client confidence. GDC helps our non-profit partners take advantage of these special preferences.

Process Loan Documents

GDC recognizes that obtaining financing at satisfactory terms is a very difficult process. However, GDC understands how to select the best loan program available for the project’s development needs. Furthermore, we compile and complete the proper loan applications and walk through every step of the process – from program selection to loan closing.

Predevelopment Funding

Before even determining whether or not a project is feasible, developments at their conceptual phase can cost over $150,000.  Ginosko Development Company regularly provides pre-development funding for each project we are involved with.

Housing, Historic, and Brownfield Credit Financing Expertise

Most of our projects provide housing for families defined as “Low Income” by the Government.  Another source of financing that can be utilized to help pay for development costs are Low Income Housing Tax Credit equity funds.  Equity funds are raised through the sale of Low Income Housing or Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits and GDC has the expertise to acquire and successfully implement the needed equity.

Color and Decorating Selections

This phase of the project is one of the most rewarding. The difference between a very successful project and a mediocre one has a lot to do with color and decorating selections. No development is ever complete without quality decorating and coordination of interior and exterior materials and colors. GDC selects the appropriate colors and decorating schemes in order to maximize the marketability of each project.

Initial Closing

Ginosko Development Company’s staff has a long history of successfully closing real estate transactions. As a result, GDC has developed strong procedures for reviewing, compiling, and coordinating the myriad of closing documents. Moreover, GDC works closely with trusted and experienced attorneys throughout the closing process and project implementation.

Draw Documents

It is crucial that draw applications are prepared accurately and timely to ensure that construction or rehabilitation efforts continue smoothly. Therefore, GDC prepares, validates, and submits the appropriate documentation to various lending sources and accountants to help expedite payment and ensure accounting accuracy.


Now it’s time to implement the market study. If the market study was carefully scrutinized and validated, the project should not have a problem in its marketing efforts. GDC works with the qualified management company to ensure that the market study is fully implemented and projected occupancy rates are exceeded.

Final Closing

Congratulations! Ginosko Development Company has turned concept into a reality.  And the reward of meeting the needs of the tenants utilizing the property brings great satisfaction.  At this point, construction has been completed and qualified occupancy has been attained, and the final step is closing the construction loan and converting to a permanent mortgage. GDC work with experienced attorneys to review, compile, and coordinate the myriad of closing documents.

Rehabilitation Services

Ginosko Development Company engages primarily in the rehabilitation of existing buildings. A short drive through most cities will reveal that there are many buildings that have exhausted their initial use and are in need of repair. For the most part, recycling projects through rehabilitation can be more cost effective than building new. Rehabilitation has become an area of specialization, requiring qualified professionals who have garnered experience with lead paint remediation, asbestos abatement procedures and removal of underground storage tanks. Urban filled sites require additional knowledge of state and federal environmental laws. Ginosko professionals combine years of experience and technical expertise to bring innovation and practical solutions to take advantage of the special opportunities rehabilitation affords.